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    Micro Format,Inc.
    Micro Format, Inc.
    Est.1983 ~ On Line Since 1995

    Since 1983, with corporate offices located in Chicago Illinois and with affiliated manufacturing facilities located in cities across the United States,
    Micro Format provides Document Security Paper Products worldwide.

    Micro Format Inc. is a Product Development Company specializing in high technology State of the Art Tamper Resistant, Anti Copy Fraud Resistant Security Paper Products.

    Micro Format means

    Secure GuardTM Anti Copy Security Paper Products
    are manufactured 100% in the USA.

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    Anti Copy Transcripts

    Under licensing agreements, all orders for SecureGuard™ Transcript Paper are reviewed by our Document Security Compliance Team. Security paper applications and its use is controlled by the Document Security Paper Mills.

    Inappropriate Use of these products can result in suspension of material supply. Inappropriate Use is defined as use for illegal duplication of protected and/or copyright documents, duplication or unauthorized production of School Transcripts, Diplomas, Licenses, Permits, Certificates or used in the production of faux documents.

    Acceptance of any and all orders for SecureGuard™ Document Security Paper is at the discretion of the Document Security Compliance Team.


    WarterMark Security
    ReverseMark Security
    ShadowMark Security

    Available in four colors

    Custom Genuine Transcript Paper

    Now it is easy to purchase your own CUSTOM Genuine Transcript Paper.
    We will print your custom artificial watermark security feature using your Logo and Name
    on the back of our "stock" Genuine Transcript Security Paper.

    Four easy steps.

    Ready to Start
    Call Customer Service at 800/333-0549

    Secure REACT™ Transcript Paper

    REACT Secure Transcript Paper

      Use Custom Designed and Printed REACT™ Transcript Paper
      for printing:
    • Certificates
    • Contracts
    • Letters of Authenticity
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Transcript Paper for larger Schools and Universities

    CUSTOM PRINTED REACT™Transcript Paper
    8-1/2" x 11"
    2,500 sheets per carton
    Border bleeds 4 sides

    Custom Printed REACT™Transcript Paper
    may have numerous customized document security and authentication features.

    • SECURE RUB™ RED or BLUE Color Change Ink

    • Anti-Copy Coin RubTM
      Rub coin on back of sheet to reveal Anti-Copy Coin Rub™ security watermark

    • Custom Designed Artificial watermark on back
      To view Anti-Copy Watermark™, hold sheet at 45° angle or under black light

    • HIDDEN MESSAGE Technology with Custom Hidden Message

    • Borders contain Custom Printed Security Feature Warning Bands (4 sides)
    Hidden Message Technology
    Custom Hidden Message appears when photocopied

    Spanish Document with hidden message in Spanishhidden message in Spanish
    Spanish Document with Spanish Hidden Message

    For additional information and to purchase,
    call 800/333-0549

    e-mail asinger@microformat.net

    USA flag - Micro Format, Inc. Micro Format, Inc. is a veteran owned company.
    Micro Format SecureGuard Paper Products are manufactured in the USA from American Made materials.

    SecureGuard AntiCopy Transcripts are manufactured by Micro Format where Manufacturing Document Security Paper IS OUR BUSINESS ....
    Not A Side Line !

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